Get Sirius (darkroomman) wrote in period_design,
Get Sirius

spooky past-world decor!

Other then a Jack, we don't need any "decorations" to make our place spooky...most of my possessions used to belong to dead ppl anyway. In fact, some of the rooms in my place are like stepping back through time.

When the time came to furnish my own place and replace my possessions, I found that I could get antiques and repros just as easily as modern garbage at the thriftshop. The result was a gradual feeling of regression into the past with the skillfull application of old wood, brass, and alot of research into how things would have been placed and used. Eventually I started collecting more specialized items as Fate permitted; things like a large spinning wheel, a washstand, a secretaire, bedcurtains, and other things we just don't make or use anymore. I make a great many things as well, in the old tradition, and do ALOT of reading and research.
Piece by gradual piece, the place has started looking like a real Victorian interior, and I love it. I cherish the possessions of the dead, as I hope someday others will cherish the things I pass on.

In the meantime, I enjoy browsing eBay and bidding on things dug up out of ancient pits or rivers, or cruising mouldy basements searching for treasure to add to my little world...
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