Get Sirius (darkroomman) wrote in period_design,
Get Sirius

double score

I found this at a thrift shop and snagged it up! Turns out it's older then I thought initially...and IT WORKS. After doing my research, I discovered this to be a One & Eight Day Peerless mantle clock with calendar function and hour chime, made by Welch, Spring & Co, most likely sometime in the 1870's. It is made of rosewood veneer with reverse glass painting, and still had its original key. More about the manufacturer here:

POST NOTE: I found the date for the modelof this clock: 1868-1869, one of the earliest models they produced. Woot!

I also found (against all odds) another spinning wheel...missing the wheel, but retaining the one piece my existing wheel is missing...the spindle mechanism! A quick study of the piece revealed that much of the body had been replaced at some point, but the main pole that once held the wheel itself was original to piece and made prior to 1825. Wow!

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