Get Sirius (darkroomman) wrote in period_design,
Get Sirius

vintage kitchen

I collect vintage kitchen stuff, lots of which get used. My kitchen is filled with spice grinders, mortar and pestils, copper kettles, pewter plate, footed bowls, old silver teapots, medieval medicine jars, porringers, and SCA feastgear. Like every room in our place, the kitchen is set up for alternative lighting with lanterns and sconces. We are stuck with a modern stove and fridge, however...
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You can get a vintage looking fridge.. well 1950's or 1850's vintage, so not quite that old. But they are very expensive.. Here's the link if you want to take a look. Personally I hope when I have my own home, I can afford the 1950's kitchen :)
Oh how I wanted one of those Victorian stoves. Alas, they are much too expensive. I searched high and low on E-bay and although many vintage stoves can be found, most sellers don't ship or they needed to be refurbished. With those discoveries, the kitchen reno is now 1930's. The appliances are stainless and plain and will actually fit in quite well with the style of the room. Regarding vintage refrigerators...I well remember the hours defrosting the freezer and the watery mess it created.

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